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Pink, The Reason I Stood Out

Most girls are engrained with this love of the color pink. They are dressed in it the very day they come from the womb. Their toys are dyed various shades of this obnoxious preppy red gone wrong. I thank my parents everyday for not thrusting society’s favorite color at me.

As a tomboy kid I embraced everything that did not fall under the title of girly girl. Blue, getting dirty, and dressing for comfort. I was bullied by the girls and cast out from feminine circles until middle school, when my “rebellious” nature became cool. I stayed the same others changed, being too stubborn and content with my own lifestyle to change and get others to like me. This disdain for the status quo molded into my extreme hatred for the color pink and all it stands for. 

I hate the color pink. If that isn’t evident already it’s time to go back to the top of this short rants post I am writing at the edge of the bar. 

When did pink become this color that defines femininity? When did blue define masculinity? Why? And who decided this? Why not green and orange? Purple and yellow? The world may never know.