I am on a mission to get purposely lost everywhere I go for the sake of the story that goes with it. Although they mostly end with: I’m sweaty, dirty and I turned around after a while because I realized I had to walk the same distance back. The travel bug bit me and I can’t get enough. From the rainforests of Costa Rica to the castles of Europe and everything that may come in between I’ve seen a lot in my short years here. And the more I see the more I crave more.

I first went abroad on my own when I was 15, to visit some family in Costa Rica. I spent 3 weeks there getting acquainted with the language and life on the dairy farm, that my uncle owned, and seeing parts of the country that would spark my wonder for wandering around beautiful nature. My next endeavor abroad alone would be two years later to China, where my thirst for culture and history was thrown into a tailspin of sheer glee. And then again as I studied abroad for a semester at the age of 20 in Prague, Czech Republic.

The adventure did not and has not stopped there though. I now work aboard cruise ships around the world, working and traveling for a living. It is not easy but it truly is surreal to wake up in a different place every day and not having to move at all.

I aim to deposit my knowledge and experiences here and maybe even create a community of it so it can benefit others in their travels.



A toast to the end of the rainbow, a destination not to be found.